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The most common problems faced by employers in the process of hiring foreigners

Business client

The most common problems faced by employers in the process of hiring foreigners




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Employee recruitment

We specialize in hiring foreigners from the manufacturing and construction industries: skilled workers and those just starting their career path.
As part of the service, we will run a marketing campaign on advertising platforms and contact candidates from our database.
We will prepare a detailed list of candidates who are interested in working for you.
We will arrange meetings with selected Candidates in your company.
Our team comprehensively handles the entire process of searching for an employee, through recruitment process, as well as completing all formalities related to hiring a new employee.

Legalisation of employment

There are many advantages of employing foreigners, but unfortunately hiring a foreigner is connected with fulfilling a number of formalities, going through the complexity of procedures and spending many precious hours in various offices. For many employers this is an insurmountable barrier, which results in resigning due to fear of legal consequences and high penalties imposed for incorrect employment of a foreigner.

With us you will easily obtain:

Permit to work in Poland (type. A, B, C, D, E) – A 500 + administrative fees.
Statement of intention to employ a foreigner –
Residence permit for a foreigner (Residence Card)

of stay

The procedure for obtaining a temporary residence and work permit for an employee is very beneficial, because all the formalities legalizing the stay and employment take place within one administrative procedure. A single permit, issued in the form of one document, entitles a foreigner both to stay and work in Poland. In this case, the foreigner does not have to separately apply for a residence permit (e.g. visa) and the employer – for a work permit.

Employment analysis

Analysis of the correctness of employment

We offer an audit, which will consist in verification of your residence and employment documents as well as the ones that state the purpose and conditions of the stay in Poland (residence titles, entitlement to work in the Republic of Poland, contracts).

What can we guarantee
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Help with legalisation of stay and employment in Poland

Professional care during the process

Finding the best solution for every situation

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